Sunderland Welfare Action Group Event – 20th March

Unemployment Past, Present & Future - 20th March

Sunderland welfare Action Group are putting on this interesting event:

Unemployment: Past, Present and Future

* Film screening of ‘A Day’s Work, a Day’s Pay’. A Documentary about the US workfare system, showing what the future could look like for the unemployed in the UK.
* National Unemployed Workers Movement photography and memorabilia exhibition with prints from the Working Class Movement Library archives
* Talk on unemployed workers’ struggles of past and present with Kevin Flynn (Newcastle & Gateshead TUC Centre Against Unemployment) and Hackney Unemployed Workers activist
* Informal, free advice on debt, housing and employment issues
* Book stall, with books on working class history, local history and labour movements
* Information and campaign stalls

Saturday 20th March, 12 noon – 3pm at Sunderland Catholic Club, Hendon


One Response to “Sunderland Welfare Action Group Event – 20th March”

  1. Work Programme Says:

    National Day of Protest Against Welfare & Housing Benefit Cuts:

    An very important upcoming protest is to be held on December the 15th, 2010 around the country to protest against the ConDem(n) Government ‘s planned Welfare and Housing Benefit Cuts,1430,411,35.html

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