Tyneside Claimants’ Union

Problems claiming benefits?  Had your benefit stopped?  Bad treatment at the jobcentre?  Worried about medicals or work focused interviews?  Jobcentre forcing you to go on a course or placement ?  Or pushing you to use unsuitable childcare arrangements?  Worried about the changes to the benefits system and to your benefits?

Tyneside Claimants’ union could help!

We support each other with problems like these.

We do this by:

  • Giving advice based on our own experience with the system;
  • Helping each other look up the benefits rules and regulations to see what our rights are;
  • Accompanying each other to benefits interviews, medicals, tribunals;
  • Writing letters of complaint from the union;
  • Campaigning together and on behalf of each other to fight for our rights;

What we do depends on everyone involved.  We value everyone’s ideas and efforts and no-one has to do anything they don’t feel they can.

We are a union of benefit claimants, not an advice bureau with paid advisers in the office and clients queuing up outside – we help each other to work out what to do about problems.  We work together because the benefit system is complex and one person can’t possibly have all the answers.

You are welcome to join us, particularly if you are claiming (or trying to claim) benefits of any sort (e.g. JSA, ESA, DLA, Incapacity Benefit, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, Income Support, Carers Allowance, Tax Credits, Pension Credits) or you are an unemployed worker or are unwaged.

We meet every other Tuesday at 11am at St Thomas’ Church Haymarket, Newcastle upon Tyne

For directions, more information, or if you can’t attend a meeting but would like to join us or receive our support, contact us at email: tynesideclaimantsunion at googlemail dot com or telephone 0191 265 0906.

Meeting dates: 21/9/2010, 5/10/2010, 19/10/2010, 2/11/2010, 16/11/2010, 30/10/2010 etc


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